The assortment of ZB contains of a comprehensive collection of the best Columbian carnations and spray carnations. Because of our diverse assortment we are able to meet the needs of a large group of buyers. ZB has good relationships with the Colombian growers. As a result of these long-lasting collaborations, we are able to already customize your order at the farm (which reduces damage and handling costs). Whether it is length, quantity per box, quantity per bunch, maturity stage, specific mixes and so on ... we will arrange it for you!

Gold Line - ZB's Pride!
The assortment of ZB also contains the 'Gold Line'. These carnations, which are recognizable by their gold sleeve, are 'the best of the best'. The Gold Line consists of varieties which are exclusively available at ZB. The Gold Line only holds carnations of excellence, with a perfect maturity stage which are selected for you with pride! These carnations are, just as the other flowers in the ZB collection, not available on the Flower Auction Clock. 

Order Carnations in our Webshop 24/7!

Via our Webshop you will have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week access to our exclusive assortment carnations from the best Columbian growers. Request a personal login code and order your carnations and spray carnations fast and easy online. You can also use our Webshop on Smartphone or Tablet.

Ordered your carnations? ZB makes sure your order is handled correctly, fast and will be delivered on the requested location and time.

Do you want to take a look into our Webshop? Please request a login code via our registration form. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Peter Hoek +31 (0)6 13 28 99 41


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