About ZB

For over 25 years ZB Farms is “specialist” in the import of Columbian carnations and spray carnations. ZB Farms only trades high quality carnations from a select group of growers. Due to long-lasting relationships with the best farms in Colombia, ZB Farms guarantees an exclusive and continuous supply of high quality carnations, year round!

Why buy at ZB Farms: Competitive prices, high quality products, fresh carnations daily (year round), good logistics and an excellent service! Fore more information, please give us a call, send us an email or contact ZB Farms via the contact page on the website.

From order to customer in less than 48 hours

The flower business is regularly called 'fast trade' ... and the scheme below proofs it is! In less than 48 hours the carnations are harvested on the farm, packed, shipped and after arrival on the Dutch airport 'Schiphol' made sales ready. Beause of the good and direct connections with the Columbian growers and 'cargo companies' ZB is able to work with such quickness. We receive 6 shipments of fresh carnations a week! The scheme below is an example of a weekend shipment.